How to ensure your safety and security for using Kolkata escort service     

Check the matter of confidentiality

At the time of using Kolkata escort service, confidentiality must receive your paramount interest. You should be aware whether your service providers keep all affairs, ways of communication and shared details as top secret. They should not share these with others at any cost. A leakage of this information can bring negative effects and adverse situations in your personal life, social status, and present position at your workplace.

Ask about medical checkup certificate

Before enjoying with an independent escort girl in Kolkata, you must be clear whether the girl is fit for offering you Kolkata escort service. To be more precise, you should be sure that your chosen girl is not carrying the germs of any genital disease. You should enjoy safely, not at the cost of your life. This is why you must know whether the call girl undergoes a medical checkup at least once in a week and carries the proof of it with her.

Know about the license for offering this service

To avoid any legal harassment and penal servitude, you should know whether the Kolkata call girls has a license and permission to offer Kolkata escort service. If you get involved in enjoying her services without knowing a bit about the license, you are supposed to undergo the laws of sexual harassment. This will make your horrible.

Know the charges hidden cost

Make sure whether she has any hidden cost or other terms and conditions. This will help you in fair dealing with her and avoid any unwanted or bitter experience. In this step you should discuss with her, taking your needs and expectations. After that, you should be very clear whether she is comfortable with providing you with the same. After getting her consent, you can get a date to enjoy with her.

These are important measures to use Kolkata escort service safely.

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Why Independent Kolkata Escorts Are Getting Increasing Attention

Gone are those days when a vast majority of Kolkata escort girls used to work under Kolkata escort agencies for getting regular contacts from them. In return, they had to pay for the contacts or work on commission basis. Consequently, they used to serve many people and get less payment from the agencies. Now this is a past story.

By the grace of the internet and computer technology, the process of communication has become safer, faster and wider. Now they can easily get numerous contacts online and reach their target audience easily over the internet. To do so they are taking the full advantage of digital marketing. Now a vast majority of independent Kolkata escorts has their own websites and apps to reach their men and get in touch with them on a regular basis.

As the consequence of it, Kolkata escorts can ensure better quality escort service to their men. This is the main reason of getting increasing attention. Besides, there is a lot more.

Given below are the reasons

They Can Work Freely

As independent Kolkata escorts can work independently, they can offer Kolkata escort service in their preferred ways. As there is no force behind them, their involvement in the game becomes spontaneous. Their heartily invent make the game more interesting. They need not think a bit about the pressure, obligation and regulation of a Kolkata escort agency. They are not tied by any hard and fast rule.

Opportunity to Take Personal Care

As it is a direct dealing between customers and service providers without any intermediary’s involvement, there works more responsibly and care for optimum customer satisfaction. The independent Kolkata escorts are serious about customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to satisfying their men in their preferred ways. Moreover, to build a long-term relationship with their men, independent escorts in Kolkata take personal care for their men. Going out of giving and taking policy, they try to understand their customers. Listen to the story of their pain and pleasure and finally give them an antidote.  Their perfect panaceas offered to their men help independent escorts in Kolkatato stand out the crowd. This is their unique selling propulsion.

Involvement of various types of women

Kolkata being a busy prosperous financial city India, many reputable companies have chosen the city for their headquarters and operational offices. Consequently, there are many working women and IT professionals showing their interest in their service for leisure spending. Therefore, one can easily get his desired woman. Not only the Indian girls, there are many girls from China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan who are working at MNCs and offering escort service at their leisure time.   Besides, the proximity of Bollywood industry has encouraged many modelers, television actresses and Bollywood actress involved in it. The involvement of modelers and actresses has increased people’s interest to indulge in Kolkata call girls escort service.

These are the main reasons ofgetting increasing attention. Whether you are a single person, married man, dejected lover, dissatisfied husband, industrialist, and business tycoon, you are sure to like their service.